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Sod pallets in Davenport

Sand and Soil delivery in Davenport, Florida.

Don't try to haul sand youself - it’s a pain! We deliver sand Monday - Saturday. If you really want to pick it up yourself, you can come in any day of the week.

White sand like ours is highly desireable across the country. Fortunately, you live in Florida! We can deliver fine white sand to your door (or wherever your project may be).

When you need soil for your garden, try our potting soil or top soil. If all you need is soil to level or grade your lawn, fill dirt is the most economical option.

Give us a call today and ask about sand and soil delivery in Davenport!

Sand types available for pickup or delivery

•White Sand•
•Potting Soil•
•Fill dirt•
Sand has many uses!

Open 6 Days a Week!

Sod delivered to your door in Central Florida
The best Floratam St Augustine sod in Davenport

Sand and soil in Davenport

We are open 6 days a week! You can stop in and day and view all of our products.

Our sand and soil is locally mined and perfect for Central Florida. If you need decorative or functional sand and soil, give us a call and we can provide it for you.

Call 407-240-1023 today for more information on our sand and soil.